Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Mac" Truck Boy

Oh, the love of a two year old boy...he is completely obsessed with "Mac" trucks. He plays with them at home, begs to buy them at stores, looks for them on the highway and complains when they don't have trailers attached to them. Daddy, of course, LOVES this stage of Charlie's and plays "trucks" with him all the time.

Well, thanks to my cousin Darin, from Alabama, Charlie got to ride in a real "Mac" truck (it was even red, like Mac in the Cars movie). Darin came to visit the past weekend and brought his truck with him. After a delicious lunch at Aunt Sue's house and a visit with all the Roy/Green relatives, Darin let Charlie ride in his big truck all the way to the truck stop, where he parked it. Charlie was a little nervous, and sat quietly the whole trip, but his eyes were big and full of excitement. Needless to say, it has been the topic of conversations with Charlie and he is already asking when he can ride in Darin's truck again! Thank you Darin for making my little boy's day!!!

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