Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sonogram Results are in...

Many of you have been anxiously awaiting the news from our sonogram we had this morning. Of course, we wanted to tell our families first, so we decided to hold off on breaking the big news on our blog until then. Dave's family is out of town, so we broke the news to them by phone this morning. My family (the Roy family) celebrated Christmas together this afternoon at my parents' home in St. Augustine. Before digging in to our family-style Italian dinner, I let Charlie open one gift in front of everyone. His present was a little baby doll, swaddled in a PINK, YES, I SAID PINK BLANKET!!! Everyone cheered and celebrated finding out that Charlie is going to have a little sister, Katherine Elizabeth. Charlie didn't really understand what all the big hooplah was fact, he looked at the baby doll and made a face...quite funny! Of course, Dave and I are thrilled with the news and even more thrilled that she looked and measured healthy today during the sonogram. Our little modest baby girl didn't want us to know she was a girl at first, as she kept her legs closed tight and held one hand over her private area! After some convincing by the the sonogram tech., she gave in and gave us a glimpse. What a wonderful gift on Christmas Eve. We are so blessed!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Theo & Dana's Wedding

After our Thanksgiving in Lexington, NC, we headed to the mountains of Cashiers, NC, to be a part of Theo and Dana's wedding. What a beautiful place to get married! Dave was very honored to stand up with Theo during the ceremony and was even more honored to be fed by Theo's sisters from Connecticut for the entire weekend. The food was absolutely delicious....from grape leaf wraps, to fresh spinach and cheese pastries, to stuffed shrimp, to the best bruschetta we have EVER tasted...we ate almost around the clock. Dave loved it so much, he thought about leaving his Italian heritage and becoming Greek! All joking aside though, Dave REALLY wants to visit Greece the next time Theo and Dana journey over there. And now that we have returned home, we have vowed to eat only salads and soups for the next couple of weeks...I guess I could blame the weight gain on the baby, but not when it goes straight to my rump! As soon as I get a photo of the groom and bride, I'll post it here...

Family Thanksgiving Fun in NC

For a change this year, we headed up to NC (instead of Ormond Beach) to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Conte family. David's grandmother, Maw Maw, made the 7 1/2 hour journey with us to enjoy some cold weather, beautiful lights and family fun. I have to say that it was rather nice to wear sweaters instead of shorts this year! Charlie especially enjoyed the trip because he got to play with his cousins, Jordan, Adan and Ava and his Aunts and Uncles that he doesn't see very often. He was even doling out hugs and kisses upon arrival and departure...I know, amazing for Charlie! Jenny's masterful arrangement of Thanksgiving dinner, topped off by Maggie's yummy sweet potato casserole and dessert was a treat! Dave, of course, was extremely thrilled to eat turkey sandwiches the next day as we ventured to the mountains in NC to be a part of our friend's wedding. Well, here is a few pictures from our trip...thanks to the GPS Ryan and Michelle let us borrow, we finally found the Christmas lights of must check them out if you are ever in NC during the holidays!