Thursday, October 30, 2008

Breast Friends Team- Race for the Cure

My first attempt at forming a team to participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Jacksonville was a great success...hooray! Thank you too all my teammates who got up way too early on a Saturday morning to be a part of a great cause that affects so many lives! Thank you also to those who sponsored me and my teammates. "Breast Friends" team will be back next year for the 2009 Race, and as soon as the date is published, I'll let you know. Way to go!

Charlie's Favorite Table

It took Daddy a while to get this table completely finished, but it has finally made its way to the office! Charlie LOVES his table and sits at it all the time. If you come by the house, he will definently invite you to "seat" with him and play cars. He will even tell you which bench he would like for you to "seat" on by patting his hand on the appropriate one (which is usually the one closest to the window, making it a hard fit for any adult!)

This table is a family heirloom, as PawPaw had his friend make it for his grandchildren. It has perfect height, sturdy wood quality and features rounded corners (a must for every mother's nerves!) Dave stripped off the old paint, painstakingly repainted it a perfect "garnet" shade and adorned it with FSU logos. Way to go Daddy...this table is way better than any you could buy in a store!

Baby #2 Due in May, 2009

Well, we got to see our new little peanut on the ultrasound machine yesterday. No gender news yet, but the doctor says everything is measuring good and the baby looks healthy. We, of course, think is way better than any gender news! Dave had to ask though...and got denied by the tech. This picture is not very clear, but at least you get a glimpse of a profile!