Tuesday, March 17, 2009


We decided to take a "last hoorah" trip this past weekend. We wanted to have one last special memory of just the 3 of us, before Katherine arrives and makes us a family of 4. So, we decided to thrill Charlie by taking him for his first real train ride. We traveled down to Parrish, FL (just south of Tampa) to the Railroad Museum and hopped aboard for a steam engine ride. Of course, Charlie was thrilled and loved it when the engine whistled and let off steam.

We topped off our weekend with a visit to see "Deeks" and company in Tampa, where Charlie had a blast playing with Diane's 2 girls, Emma and Olivia, and particularly all their girly toys! We couldn't convince him to play in the bounce houses at Jungle Bounce, but he had fun just running around in circles and playing with the water fountains.

On our way back to Jax, we stopped by Glamma's house for a delicious dinner with Glamma, Jack and Maw Maw. We even got a great view of the space shuttle launch in the colorful sunset sky. Charlie, of course, barely noticed the shuttle launch, as he was busy devouring his St. Patty's cupcake Glamma got for him!