Friday, April 1, 2011

Kate Walking and Dancing

For over a year after our daughter was born, we watched her very, very slowly develop...then, a month after her first birthday, our little girl decided she just wasn't ok with laying around anymore. She became a fighter and has worked so very hard with her therapists and us to sit up, crawl, stand, squat, kneel, communicate, dance and finally walk. She still has a long way to go to become independent, but we are rejoicing in every moment that leads us there. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Promise to Kate Team

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our amazing family and friends who came out sporting their black and hot pink shirts and raised money for team Promise to Kate for the MDA Muscle Walk this past Saturday. Promise to Kate raised over $4,000 and won two trophies for most walkers and most team money raised. Using her walker, Kate led the team along our short stroll through the mall. She even showed off some of her independent steps as a warm-up for her team! A special thank you to all of our supporters!

PS- I think Kate really enjoyed the walk. She took 39 independent steps in a row on Tuesday at her PT session. She was trying to get the cuddly bear that mommy was holding with Ms Penny following behind her to brace for falls....only she didn't fall, she regained her balance all by herself each time she wobbled and made it across the house and down the hallway! A HUGE accomplishment for her and she hasn't been able to replicate it for daddy, but I know it is only a matter of time. I think it is fair to say that she LOVES her Physical Therapist, Penny...she will do anything for her!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Club

I am a member of a club here in town. It's priveleges aren't that great, they don't serve you food and they keep it a little too cool in their rooms, but, as my MawMaw says, "It beats the alternative!"

I became a member after Kate was born and apparantely, will be a member for the rest of her life. Memberships to this club aren't sought after and cannot be bought, only earned by your experiences. Through each of my experiences here, I have watched the other members come and go... carrying laundry, snacks, babydolls and trucks...up and down elevators....often wearing the same wrinkled clothes...always looking tired. The most common attribute they carry though is stress. It's painted on their faces and even when they smile, the worry is still visible.

The levels of membership here vary and I am relieved to say that my level isn't nearly as advanced as other members I have seen. I THANK GOD EVERY DAY FOR THIS! I watch as the more "advanced" members rock their non-stop crying child to ease the pain, kiss their baby before he leaves for open heart sugery, or walking their balding toddler down the hallway, making sure the iv pole stays within reach. I'm as sensitive as they come and it is always very hard to watch all of these other members worry so visibly, all the while carrying my own smaller level of stress.

During our visits to "The Club," I lay awake at night and listen to the other members' babies cry and moan and whimper. I listen to mothers singing sweet lullabies. I listen to beeping....lots and lots and lots of beeping! I listen as doctors and nurses explain and console other members.

I learned that some members don't come to the club and stay with their child. They are invited, but for whatever reason, their child lays here 98% of the day and night alone. The nurses and doctors are far too busy to hold their hand or sing soothing songs all night. They must tend to everyone's needs. Ouch...this really hurts to watch and hear!

I'm not sure this is something I'll ever get accustomed to watching, listening and feeling, but I can tell you that these experiences always make me...GRATEFUL. I tell myself often, "it could always be worse" and my MawMaw is very right..."This beats the alternative." While my baby often gets sick and every now and then, really sick, she has so many days of being healthy and happy. I get the privelege of loving on her and playing with her every day. I get to hear her call me "Mama" and hold her sweet head against my chest and tell her that everything is going to be ok. I get to rock her every night and sing sweet lullabies, telling her that Mommy, Daddy, Bubba, Jackie, Jesus, G, Grandpa (the list could go on for days) all love her so much. I tell her that she is a strong little girl and that she can fight for her health, muscle strength and place in this world. I tell her that she can do anything she sets her mind to do. And day by day, I expect to see her do things that continue to make me laugh and love her even more. (Secretly, I even tell her that I fully expect her to challenge me during her teenage years.)

Yes, I am a member of The Club here, but I wouldn't trade my daughter for anything else in this world. So, I proudly and often tiredly wear this badge of honor as her mother and will always be grateful for the precious gift God has entrusted in my care.