Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Charlie & Kate

We brought Kate home from the NICU on Friday and Charlie was very happy to finally have his sister at home. Of course, we have spent a good bit of time teaching Charlie that Kate cannot eat chips and poptarts, drink juice or be covered from head to toe with a blanket. He has been a great helper by telling mommy when she is crying and needs to be picked up, assisting with diaper changes, wanting to pour water on her during bathtime and covering her toes with her blanket. Mommy got permisson to drive from the doctor now, so we went on a little "date" (just Charlie & Mommy) tonight to Publix and bought a special treat from the bakery (a big m&m cookie). He even told the cashier as he held his cookie box "special treat Charlie." It's amazing how grown up he seems to us now that Kate is home. How time flies!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Katherine Elizabeth Conte

Well, folks, sorry it took so long, but here she is...

Our precious baby girl, Katherine Elizabeth Conte, was born on Monday, May 11th at 8am, weighing 6.5 pounds and measuring 19 inches. She has been through quite an ordeal since that time, but we know that prayer works and hope that she will join us at home very soon!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring Time Fun

I haven't posted any new pictures in a while...much to my husband's dismay. He begged me to PLEASE update the blog and NOT facebook. So, here are some pictures of what we Contes have been up to this spring. With only 2 days to go until Katherine's arrival, I decided now was the best time to stay up a little late and check this "to do" off of my list that never ends.

By the way, you'll have to visit the blog again soon so you can see some snapshots of our baby girl whom we cannot wait to meet!