Friday, September 18, 2009

Busy Times

It's been a busy month in the Conte household.

Dave and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Sept. 4th. We got to spend a little time with Deeks and Dianne when they came to visit and stayed at Marriott Sawgrass. Charlie loved the pool time and the playground! Kate was content hanging out in the shade. We even ran into our good friends, the Davey family, out there. That same weekend, Aunt Jenny and cousin Jordan came to visit. Charlie was SO sad when Jordan had to leave...he hugged her tight and said "Jordan stay."

Shortly after Kate was diagnosed, we learned that my dad had kidney cancer. This past Tuesday, he had surgery to remove his affected kidney. He is now at home and recovering well. The surgeons said everything else looked good, so they are hopeful that he stays cancer-free.

Charlie started 2 year old preschool twice a week and finally had his first day with a"no tears" goodbye. He turned around, smiled and blew me a, I wanted to cry!

Kate turned 4 months old and has continued to get good results from all of the specialists she is seeing. She is making great gains in Speech (feeding) therapy and can now take a bottle almost like a normal baby. She is working hard at physical therapy and her PT now comes to the house twice a week to work with her. Kate responds very well to her and her strength is improving. She actually lifted her head off of the floor by herself for the first time! Her little foot has decided it wants to continue to turn in (even after casting), but we are hopeful it will correct before she is ready to use it to move around. She is such a sweet little girl and LOVES to look at faces. She is growing and has reached the 25th percentile...hooray Kate!

October 1-5, Dave, Kate and I are attending the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation Family Conference in Manhattan Beach, CA, so we can learn everything we can about this disease and how we can help our little Baby Kakes grow and prosper! Charlie has a date with several relatives while we are away so he can have some fun!

It's been quite the whirlwind since Kate's diagnosis in August and I know many of you are wondering how we are doing. The best way I can explain it is this: it's a grieving process. We have been through several stages of this process already and have basically come to the conclusion that no matter what, Kate is our baby girl and was born into our lives for a special reason. We will do whatever it takes to get her the best possible care and love her as much as we can. Learning that she got the disease from me has been quite unsettling, but even more concerning is knowing that there is a chance that Charlie might have it as well. This is a wait-and-see disease, so only time will tell. Having said all this, we still have our moments when we mourn and have a good cry, but overall, we are doing great. We are taking one day at a time and trying to live life as normally as possible. We love spending time with our family and friends!


dayle timmons said...

I am very excited that you guys are going to this conference in CA and I hope you will share all that you learn. I know so little about this disease and I want to know everything. I so appreciate your honesty as you deal with your feelings in making these posts. I can only imagine how hard it's been... On that note we send love to your Dad and all of our prayers for his healing. I have no idea why all this has happened, but I do know that little Kate chose her parents well! We LOVE you!

Jami said...

Your latest message brought me tears of joy, sadness, hope, thankfulness, and inspiration. You are a strong person with a strong heart, and Kate is blessed just as you are blessed to have each other. I think of you, Dave, and your family's trials, tribulations, and courage frequently.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this blog! You are all very special to Me and Cody and we hope things continue to improve with little Kate! God Bless You!