Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Charlie & Kate

We brought Kate home from the NICU on Friday and Charlie was very happy to finally have his sister at home. Of course, we have spent a good bit of time teaching Charlie that Kate cannot eat chips and poptarts, drink juice or be covered from head to toe with a blanket. He has been a great helper by telling mommy when she is crying and needs to be picked up, assisting with diaper changes, wanting to pour water on her during bathtime and covering her toes with her blanket. Mommy got permisson to drive from the doctor now, so we went on a little "date" (just Charlie & Mommy) tonight to Publix and bought a special treat from the bakery (a big m&m cookie). He even told the cashier as he held his cookie box "special treat Charlie." It's amazing how grown up he seems to us now that Kate is home. How time flies!


dayle timmons said...

Such sweet pictures of Charlie with Kate. How wonderful it is to have Kate at home where she belongs!

Anonymous said...

I love the new pictures of big brother Charlie with Kate. They are both so cute! I bet Charlie does seem so grown up now. That's great that he's helping out so much! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. I can't wait to come over and hold sweet Kate and give Charlie a big brother hug! I hope that you're gettting some rest and recovering well!

Jenn Davey

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth & Dave,

What a beautiful family you have. Kate is absolutely adorable...she looks like a baby doll. Charlie appears to be very attentive to his little sister. You'll see that he will always be her protector. :) We would love to visit when you are ready and bring her a gift since I couldn't make it to your shower. Parker speaks of you is evident you have left a special impression in his heart. He is actually the one this morning who called me in and showed me this blog. I am sure Parker will continue to keep up with the Contes through your blog. We will continue to keep precious Kate in our loving thoughts and prayers. I know you all feel very blessed.


Parker Rossignol said...

Hey Mrs.Conte like your blog

June 5th is the last day of school.

Can you bring the baby to school

one day.tell Charlie that he has to

take care of baby kate just like

I have to take care of Piper &

Josey and the big teenager Peyton.



Mrs. Lauren Skipper said...

I LOVE the new pictures!!! Charlie looks like he is taking the big brother thing seriously:) I am so happy that Kate is home!! I am ready for some summer playdates. Caroline misses her friend Charlie! I am so happy for you!!!

The Donalson Family said...

She is so beautiful! I wish I was there to see you all!