Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Potty Time!

Charlie is very intrigued by the POTTY, especially since Kallyn is potty-trained.  In fact, every time Kallyn has to go potty, Charlie thinks he needs to go too.  He sits on his little toilet while Kallyn sits on the big toilet.  He doesn't really feel the need to remove his shorts and diaper or lift the lid for that matter.  He just sits and holds onto the side bars.  When he is "finished," he stands up and claps for himself and immediately asks to "osh" (wash).  He moves the little step stool in front of the sink and waits for me to turn the water on for him.  He doesn't really wash his hands, but rather splashes the water around for a while, licking his fingers several times.  I don't expect him to be potty-trained for a while, but at least he knows the routine!  

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